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8 Different Meeting Room Setup Styles and How to Pick the Right One

by Aishwarya

You’ve finally located the ideal location for meeting venues in Dubai after thorough study and consultations. Now is the time to choose a meeting room setting style that will work best for your occasion. Here’s how to make a decision. To begin with, a meeting room’s layout and table setting are just as significant as the location itself.

The key to coming up with the ideal meeting setupstyle is to understand the many aspects of the conference itself. These considerations include validating the number of attendants, comprehending your consumers’ requirements, and assessing your available resources.

To planners: It’s fascinating when a customer has no idea what type of setup they want yet wants a great setup that maximizes space while allowing for unrestricted movement. As a planner, you must balance your talents and expertise in order to make the best possible recommendations.

To customers: It’s always a good idea to have a basic notion of what you want to accomplish before contacting an organizer because if they don’t match your expectations, it’s not their fault any less than it is yours. The styles listed below are some of the quickest and easiest to put up and do not require much knowledge; even a novice may do it and get great results.

  • Auditorium/Theater Style

This is a row of chairs facing the front of the room that is normally divided by the center and/or side aisles to provide delegates easy access. Generally, the rows and columns should be equal. This setup style is ideal if your meeting does not require a lot of note-taking or if you want to maximize the number of people seated. 

H Dubai with events venues in Sheikh ZayedhasThe Al Massa Ballroom. It is the ideal location for a variety of corporate events. This venue can accommodate up to 750 people in a theatrical setting or 500 people in a banquet setting for everything from conferences and seminars to strategy days and product launches.

  • U-shaped Style

Another frequent setup option is to place the conference tables end to end with one opening, producing a U shape. You may alternatively utilize a round table with the seats arranged around it, with one opening at one end for presentations. The goal of the opening is usually to allow visual presentations to be made so that everyone can view them. When a combination of presentation and group engagement or discussion is required, this technique is unbeatable. Appropriate for yearly general meetings, seminars, and workshops with a small group of people.

  • Classroom style

It’s also known as “school style” by some people. It’s basically what it says on the label. To support writing, using computers, or eating, chairs and tables are arranged in rows facing in front. When you want your visitors to eat plated food, use their computers, or take notes during a meeting, this type of setup might be used. It’s ideal for lectures and training. Avoid cramming too many people into a table because they won’t be able to comfortably use the space, resulting in dissatisfaction.

  • Boardroom style

This form, unlike the U style, has seating on all sides of the table/s. For this type of setting, a rectangle or oval table is ideal. When the party gets larger, though, you can link tables to make a hollow square that resembles a boardroom. This style is warranted when you wish to achieve a face-to-face engagement with your audience or when they have requested it. However, pay attention to the numbers because they dictate whether you’ll employ a hollow square, a rectangular boardroom setup, or just one table, which has an impact on communication. Board of directors meetings, committee meetings, team briefings, and interviews are the best places to use this style.

The 2nd mezzanine level of the H Dubai Hotel one of the best 5-star hotels in Dubai is dedicated entirely to a selection of 16 dynamic meeting rooms of various sizes, most of which enjoy ample daylight. Each of these dynamic spaces can accommodate groups of two to 250 people and is equipped with the most cutting-edge audio-visual technology.

  • Banqueting style

Round tables are used and arranged in predetermined groupings to enable easy movement and food serving while guests are seated. Some tables are created specifically for banquets. This setup type is typically used for gala dinners, wedding receptions, and award evenings because of its greater comfortability and ease of interaction.

  • Cocktail style

If you’ve ever attended a cocktail party, you’ll know that it’s a highly social occasion that necessitates a lot of movement, interaction, and networking. This is why we have tables made expressly for that function. If you’ve ever attended a cocktail party, you’ll know that it’s a very social occasion that necessitates a lot of movement, interaction, and networking. This is why we have tables made especially for it. The tables are usually distributed around the room or an outside arena, providing support and a place for the cocktail drinks and nibbles.

  • Cabaret-style

This one might sound a little strange but think of it as a cross between the banquet and the buffet. Unlike the banquet style, where seats are set around the table, this one has space left in front to allow visitors to have a spectacular view to the front. Appropriate for award ceremonies and casual get-togethers.

  • V-shaped style

The tables and chairs are tilted upwards and inwards in this type of setup, similar to the classroom-style so that even the individual at the farthest end of each row can view the speaker or observe what is going on without any difficulty. This improves concentration during meetings, as well as the other advantages described in the classroom set-up manner earlier. It’s also suitable for lectures and group training.

Whatever your needs may be, The H Dubai hotel Meeting Rooms got it all covered for you. The hotel has a lot of options for any meeting, conference, event, or gathering. Call them now and rest assured that your event will be pleasant and will succeed.

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