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Top 5 Tips For Getting A Spray Tan In Boca Raton This Summer

by Aishwarya

Summer’s here and you want to look amazing on the beach. You don’t want that horrible sunburn with nastily peeling skin but you DO want that brilliant bronze glow. So how do you get that golden hue without spending hours under the sun?

You enter Boca tanning salon!

There are many advantages of getting coloured by experts. You save on time and effort, and you give out ‘Mediterranean Vacation’ vibes without having to travel.

An hour or so, in and out of a tanning salon and you are sorted. You do have to take care of your tan though, and here are the top five tips that will help you get a nice tan and keep it for much longer.

  1. Loose clothes: look, it is a colour. It may come off on your clothes, especially if you are into tight-fitting wear. So, remember to wear loose, comfortable clothes for your spray tanning session. In fact, once you go home and get ready for bed, wear full sleeved clothing so that you can avoid your bedsheet getting stained. This way, the colour too would stay on you and not your clothes.
  2. Exfoliate: for your summer tan to rock, before you go for your tanning spray sesh, take some time out and use a good exfoliating scrub, preferably with micro crystals to avoid chafing your skin, and use it all over your body. This will clear away all that dead skin and leave you wonderfully smooth everywhere – perfect for the tan colour to dry out on.
  3. Shave and shower: the colour would last much longer if you do not shower for at least 4 hours to let it set in. Also, if you want to show off your body, you definitely won’t want people to be put off by your hirsutism. So, shave and shower before you enter the salon. Put on a light moisturiser to smoothen your skin for the colour to spread evenly.
  4. No makeup: Much as you like to wow everyone with your stunning looks, all accentuated with makeup, you should avoid it completely for your tan colour to spread easily. Makeup leads to the colour becoming patchy, and you surely wouldn’t want that! So, go natural. That will make the tan look natural.
  5. Be cool: heated up skin means a bad tan. Also, sweating makes the tan colour run and become uneven. Remember to arrive at the salon a bit early so that your skin can cool down. Once you get the tan, go home and get some sleep in an air conditioned room. That will help you avoid sweating and you will wake up with a wonderfully set colour.

Hope these tips help you get the best tan and keep it on for longer.

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