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5 Ways to Convince Your Loved One to Join AA Meetings in Washington

by Aishwarya

Did you know that denial is perhaps the biggest roadblock to recovery from addiction? This tendency becomes overwhelmingly strong for an addict. To help your loved one recover from addiction, you must first ensure he realizes that he has a problem. Once you can do that, you can slowly convince him to start attending AA meetings

How to convince your loved one to seek help:

  • Take time to prepare your arguments: Instead of just randomly suggesting why one should go to AA meetings in Washington, take time to figure out what to say. This is not an easy subject to broach and you need to be sensitive, tactful, and choose the right words. So make sure your speech does not sound like a criticism; negative comments will only make matters worse. The addict needs to believe this is good for him, not that it is good for others around him. 
  • Intervene at the right time: Timing is everything when it comes to persuading someone to agree to do something if he is not keen to. So, refrain from suddenly blurting out how important it is for him to seek help. Rather, create a friendly environment and talk to him in a way that will appeal to his senses. He needs to come to the realization on his own. If he feels forced to do something, he may refuse you outright. The best way to get the timing right is to be patient and be on the lookout for an opportune moment when he looks amenable and relaxed.
  • Be patient: Sobriety is never an easy journey; there will be many setbacks. It is expected that the addict may not be open to seeking help at all. He may respond rudely or stop interacting with you completely. But, you cannot afford to show your frustration or anger at him. If you do so, you will only be pushing him further away. Blaming and shaming him will not get him to an AA meeting.
  • Create an intervention: When you know what to say and the environment looks suitable enough, you need to act. You may even decide to do this on your own if you think it will work. To make him agree you need to convince him that everyone cares deeply about him. For this, you can get friends and other family members to show up. All of this cannot be executed hurriedly; it involves proper planning. Because you never know how the addict will react to an intervention like this. He may withdraw himself totally, lash out against everyone present, or even accept the proposal.
  • Support the addict: No matter how much he is to blame for his drinking problem, you have to show him that you have his back. Showing your love and support is the only way to get him to seek help. You need to understand that your loved one is experiencing a disorder, something that is beyond his control. He is perhaps more scared about it than you can imagine.

These are some ways to reach out to your loved ones. If you are in Washington and need help finding an AA meeting near you, use an AA meeting locator on AA-meetings.com. 

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