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How to Take Your Content Marketing Game to the Next Level

How to Take Your Content Marketing Game to the Next Level

by Krutika Lohakare

Content marketing is mandatory for small and large businesses. In order to increase engagement and get more revenue, you have to step up your content marketing game. One of the most effective ways to make your content engaging is to include videos.

According to an Oracle study, videos increase the time spent on your post by more than 100 percent. Google loves it when people spend more time on your page. Hence, you should use a free video maker and add promo videos to your blog. It will lead to more engagement and better results.

Similarly, there are other ways to strategize your content marketing. Following these strategies will take your content to a whole level.

Dedicated Resources

Content marketing requires a dedicated person, if not a team. Commonly, companies ask one of their employees to write content as a side project. This is a completely wrong way to approach content marketing.

Depending on your budget, you should either hire a person in-house or find a freelancing agency to take care of your content.

Research is Important

Listening to your audience is important to deliver the expected content. You must offer them relevant information to maintain their interest.

To understand your customer, you need to research the platforms where they spend time. It could be blogs, review websites, forums, or social media websites.

Moving a step further, you can use modern tools to find the latest trends. Buzzsumo is a reliable content discovery platform.

Plan Ahead

Make sure that you continuously add new content to your website. You have to publish new content to bring new and existing readers to your blog. However, it can be a problem to get new content on a regular basis. You can run out of topics or maybe resources to produce content.

To avoid such events, you must plan ahead. Make sure that you have a roadmap of at least one month or maybe 6 months. Find topics for your next months and send them to writers as soon as possible. It will ensure that you continue publishing content on time.

Use Various Channels and Formats

Remember that your target audience is spread on various platforms. If you focus on a single platform, you are losing a lot of potential customers. Moreover, you need to focus on various formats.

Let’s say you are making videos using a free video maker. You should promote these on social media channels. Visual content performs better on social media websites. Similarly, you should produce long content and use it as blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, etc.   

Understand each platform to produce content accordingly. Once you realize the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, you will be able to promote the right content on the right platform.

Get Help From Your Team

Many times you run out of ideas to produce new content. Remember that you don’t need to brainstorm alone.

Sit with other employees and discuss ideas with them. Since the staff works directly on many things, they have a better idea about possible content. They can provide you with amazing tips.

Set Clear Expectations

When it comes to working with a team, it is possible that you don’t get the content on time. Many reasons contribute to the delay and you need to be aware of it. Make sure that you set reliable expectations.

Regardless you are working with an in-house team or freelance writers; you need to communicate on a regular basis. More importantly, you must convey your expectations clearly. They must be accountable for assigned tasks. It will ensure that you receive content at the right time.

Analyze Your Performance

If you don’t analyze your performance, who knows if you are doing great or not? Are you getting enough return on investment? Is there any positive change related to your company due to your campaign? Should you invest in tools such as a free video maker to boost your efficiency in video marketing?

Hence, you must devise a plan to keep a check on your performance. From sales metrics to social sharing, there are many ways to see how you are doing. You must have a clear strategy to measure success.

Embrace Change

Keep in mind that your content marketing strategy is not the end of the world. You can always change the plan to get better results. If you are not getting results with your current strategy, you must come up with a new plan.

From content creation to promotion, you can make any change as often as required. However, you need to wait a bit to see the outcome before making changes. For instance, you are using a plan for a couple of days and see no result, you should wait. You must follow the plan for a month or two before deciding about its success or failure.

Apart from that, there may be other factors that force you to devise a new plan. For example, coronavirus has forced a lot of businesses to change their model. Similarly, you can embrace change as often as required.


Content marketing is playing a key role for many businesses. They are increasing their businesses through an effective content marketing campaign.

The most common mistake about content marketing is the lack of an experienced team. Usually, you assign it as a side job to one of your employees.

Another mistake is not to upload quality content regularly. You must have a clear editorial calendar to ensure that your audience has something to read. Additionally, you should try various formats to ensure your presence on every platform. Use a free video maker to create quality videos. Promo is a free video maker that gives you access to most of the premium tools at no cost.

Once you follow the above-listed instructions, it is time to analyze the results. Understand your weak areas and make a better plan to step up your game. Good luck.

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