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Tips for Managing Enterprise Fleet Maintenance Schedules

Tips for Managing Enterprise Fleet Maintenance Schedules

by Ragini Salampure

Vehicles are a big reason why every enterprise works successfully. Every successful delivery by a fleet brings credits to the enterprise. 

They must be maintained and serviced regularly for better performance throughout the operations. 

Enterprise Fleet Management Software is a boon from technology – helping managers and employees to improve the safety and scalability of the goods and the company’s satisfaction.

With this technological advancement, one can recognize mistakes at a very early stage and rectify them. Every fleet size differs according to the types of vehicles used in it. 

Benefits of the Enterprise Fleet Management Software: 

With the Enterprise Fleet Management Software, organizations can 

  • Track the locations and Positions of the vehicles at any time using the GPS feature in the dashcam front and rear, using the Truck and Bus Tracking System
  • Optimize Routes for efficient driving and delivery of goods,
  • Monitor and manage the fuel consumed with every trip, and avoid wastage of energy using the Fuel Management system  
  • Maintain the assets of the organization and identify the vehicles left unused / under-used, 
  • Monitor your drivers’ behavior through the truck dash cams and keep them within safety limits. 

With efficient fleet management software, every organization can stay ahead of competitors and remain profitable. 

Is Fleet maintenance scheduling possible?

Fleet Maintenance can cost nearly 10%  of the total expense of a company averagely per year. Unexpected collisions and damages might cost higher as it might need the entire vehicle to be revamped. 

With regular fleet maintenance scheduling, managers can ensure the regular monitoring of the fleet vehicles and ensure the timely delivery of the goods without any breakdowns or underperformances. This kind of maintenance will save a lot of money and keep the reputation of the enterprise stable.  

Telematic services in vehicles include modern-day sensors, best vehicle tracking devices, dash cams, electronic components, and IoT devices that need different management and maintenance types. 

Fleet Managers are generally people with hands full of responsibilities. Creating Preventive Fleet Maintenance schedules will help them to timely send the assets to service. 

Tips for managing Enterprise fleet maintenance schedules: 

Fleet Managers are the people responsible for planning and preparing the fleets for maintenance schedules. 

It is one of their essential duties, as it keeps the management team all-time active and careful with every operation. 

Here are some tips for managing Enterprise fleet maintenance schedules. 

If you are a Fleet Manager, 

  1. Set Service reminders in IoT-based fleet maintenance software so that you can stay on par with the preventive maintenance plans. The software can help you avoid forgetting the maintenance schedules planned. 
  2. Enable Email and push notifications to receive messages when nearing the due dates for maintenance schedules
  3. Enabling Telematics in your fleet vehicles can empower you by importing real-time performance values from the vehicle without human assistance. This data importing telematics system can also auto-update the fleet managers when the device’s running limit has reached. Fleet Managers can set and fix the mileage until the vehicle can run, post which it has to go for a service session. 
  4. One can use devices like radiometers, odometers, and ultrasonic meters to inspect and monitor vehicle motors. 
  5. Always analyze the maintenance costs incurred during every service schedule, and compare them with the price that might have been incurred in case of more extensive damages. This way, you can keep track of the penny saved as profit for the organization. 
  6.  Set threshold limits for preventive maintenance schedules by calculating the mileage or time or running hours or the amount of fuel used. This way, you can monitor many aspects under one roof. 
  7. Create a checklist for all the repairing/monitoring activities to be performed during every scheduled maintenance session based on the types of fleet vehicles owned by the organization. 
  8. Organize entry procedures for drivers when they bring their vehicle for a PM session. It can be either software/paper-based. Make them write down any complaints they face while driving the vehicle. Example: Vehicle Breakdowns / Motor sounds etc.,  
  9. Create an inventory for your organization based on the fleet vehicles used. Keeping spare parts will come in handy when unplanned incidents occur. 
  10. Record the before and after conditions of every vehicle part undergoing maintenance. Employ Qualified quality analysts who can check the requirements of the enterprise fleet vehicles after scheduled maintenance activities and repairing services. 

Automating the process overall using fleet maintenance software can make the scheduling and managing routines for the fleets easier. 

The enterprise fleet management software has multiple options to track costs, generate reports, track orders, claim insurances during the maintenance period, all by itself without human intervention. 

The steps might sound huge, but implementing preventive maintenance through enterprise fleet management schedules is streamlined. 

Once the parts are all set, the operation will continue smoothly, bringing many profitable returns to the enterprise. 

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