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Who is a Hadoop Developer?

Who is a Hadoop Developer?

Hadoop is the big data technology to learn for professionals who are looking for a well-rewarded career. Big Data Hadoop technology has been spending more and more dividends as it breaks market awareness and wide company acceptance. With the Hadoop technology talent crunch, businesses are prepared to invest as much in hiring professionals with Hadoop technology experience as possible. Learn hadoop basics online in a short time to become an expert Hadoop developer.

Refer to this article for the complete Hadoop Developer job description for the essential qualifications, tasks, responsibilities, and competencies.

Who is a Hadoop developer?

A Hadoop developer is an individual who is responsible for the actual programming of the Hadoop applications. The role of a Hadoop developer is the same as software developers. Still, he is responsible for developing Hadoop systems and applications. 

A Hadoop developer needs to know the concept of Big Data and how to obtain value from the data to carry out its tasks correctly. A Hadoop Developer is the one who knows how to play, store, turn, and handle the data to prevent its destruction.

Job description 

The Hadoop developers carry out the development and coding of Hadoop applications. Hadoop is an open-source architecture that administers the Big Data applications in cluster systems and stores them. A Hadoop Developer essentially develops software to handle and preserve big data for an organization.

You should be thoroughly familiar with the Hadoop API and high-quality programming skills and project management capabilities to ensure success as a Hadoop Developer. In the end, a leading Hadoop developer develops and implements Hadoop applications for the management of current and future Big Data infrastructures.

Hadoop developer responsibilities:

Hadoop developer requirements:

Advantages to becoming Hadoop Developer


How to become a Hadoop Developer?

The first step to become a Hadoop developer is acquiring the right skills for your profile after your graduate/postgraduate degree. You must also remember the skills that are mentioned below:

Salary trends

The entry-level pay scale starts from US$75,000 to US$80,000. The pay scale is provided at a level of 125,000 USD to 150,000 US$ per year for applicants having over 20 years of experience. Graduates will gain LPA from Rs. 2.5 to 3.8, however. Likewise, professionals with the best combination of the above skills will gain between 5 and 10 LPA anywhere. The average yearly package for medium-sized professionals of non-management ability is Rs 7 to 15 LPA, and those in management positions can make up to Rs 12 – 18 LPA or more. Senior-level Hadoop Developers’ (more than 15 years experience) salary level is very high, typically ranging from Rs. 28 – 50 LPA or above.

Tips to follow to become a good Hadoop Developer

Final words

Hadoop is a future-driven technology. Hadoop is needed for large companies to store, process, and analyze their large-scale data. The remarkable advantages of big data technology have undoubtedly made many businesses embrace the technology. This technology has eventually led to high demand in every field for Hadoop professionals. The job market is therefore very lucrative and grows at a rising rate for people with Hadoop skills.

In the current IT industry, Hadoop Developer is the most aspiring and high-paying job. With a superior ability to address gigantic data volumes, this high-caliber profile is remarkably accurate.

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